The O.O.M.P.A. Organization
O.O.M.P.A. stands for Oakmont Overlook Music Parents Association and is the driving force behind our marching band and other music activities such as Concert Band and Chorus. It takes a lot of manpower to put the marching band on the road and the work that band parents put in each year is amazing.

The officers for the 2015-2016 band season are:
    President:             Shawn Rodriquenz
    Vice President:     Luanne Mellish
    Treasurer:             Mark Bedard / Jennifer LaFortune
    Secretary:             Barb Veautour
    Alternate:              Carol Brotosky

Chaperone Coordinator:
                                Lisa Rodriquenz
                                Michelle Robichaud

Calendar and OYBL Fundraiser:
                                Ken Maguy

There are a number of OOMPA meetings during the year to coordinate band camp, fund raising events, football games, competitions, chaperons, concessions, uniforms, transportation, moving equipment, concerts, etc... Please check the Marching Spartans Calendar for the latest information.

Pit Crew:
                                Steve Marble

elp is always welcome and you can pitch in anytime!

Ticket Raffle:
                                Luanne Mellish
Melody Tent:
                                Colleen Hayes

                                Karen Maguy